General information

According to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and instruction of the Ministry of Education and science, youth, and sports of Ukraine a new higher educational establishment “Kherson Maritime Academy” has been formed on the base of the Higher educational establishment “Kherson State Maritime Institute” which was liquidated.

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KSMA cadets were successfully selected by interview for the practical training in the company «UNIX LINE»

  Kherson State Maritime Academy continues cooperation with the Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine and Marine Agency Libra, with which an agreement was concluded on quality theoretical and practical training of cadets at the premises of KSMA and its structural subdivisions.

  On June 18, 2020, an interview was held on the Zoom platform with representatives of the Singapore shipping company UNIX LINE, whose interests are represented in Ukraine by the mentioned crewing company.

  Previously, Department of Practice, Certification and Employment of the academy had selected four second-year cadets from Navigation Faculty and four second-year cadets from Ship Engineering Faculty for the interview.

  The interviewers emphasized that they have positive attitudes towards the cadets of the academy. Yet again, they were satisfied with the results of cadets’ training and knowledge demonstrated.

  The selection process was coordinated by Anna Pochapska, a specialist of the second category.

  This event resulted from the partners’ cooperation and desire of all parties to provide a place of practical training for cadets of the academy with their further employment.

  Last year, UNIX LINE selected three second-year cadets from Navigation Faculty and three second-year cadets from Ship Engineering Faculty. These students have already successfully completed their first practice onboard ships of the company and are now planning their second voyage.