A five-storied building.

There are administrative labs, a library, a reading room, luggage storage of personal items, rooms for duty and watch keeping, a checkpoint of the dormitory on the first floor.

Cadets live on the second, third, fourth and fifth floors. On each floor cadets live in the dormitory rooms of three (each dormitory room has a new modern furniture, plastic windows, internet), and also on each floor there are two sanitary rooms and two washbasins. On each floor cadets keep watch every day, which consists of people living on this floor.

Cadets are provided with three meals a day in the galley. Also there is a sport complex, which consists of two gyms. They include sport equipment and simulators.

Cadets are settled in the dormitory by the report, conclude the contract for accommodation and provided with the registration at this address.

Dormitory located at Kherson, street. 40 October 25.