The Sport  Club

The Sport Club

The Sport Club of Kherson State Maritime Academy - sport organization for the extracurricular sport, physical training and tourism work is carried out at the academy, college and lyceum.

The head of the sport club of KSMA introduces suggestions to improve these areas of work with students to the rector.

The main objectives of the sport club of KSMA are:

  • Formation of a fully developed individual member of personnel, cadets, students and pupils groups by means of physical training and sport.
  • Health promotion, implementation of physical training and sport in the system of education, work, life and leisure of students and staff of the academy.
  • The usage of physical training and sport for professional training of students as future maritime professionals.
  • Organizing and carrying out mass health and sport activities.
  • Work to improve the sport of cadets, training and trip of academy teams for competitions at various levels.
  • The organization, carrying out and monitoring of the training process in sport clubs, groups, national teams, sporting interests clubs.