Student Club

Student Club

Student club – cultural and Patriotic education center, working in the field of aesthetic and moral education of students. Being engaged in creative collectives of the student club, each cadet has the opportunity to develop his talents and abilities.


<p >The main purpose of the Student Club of KSMA is to educate social, morally mature and cultural person.

The main activities of the Student Club of KSMA are:

Diagnostics: discovery of students, cadets, teachers and employees, groups and collectives, monitoring of social processes at KSMA and cultural development of individual students, cadets;

Development:  realization of cultural education and cultural-mass work, formation of positive life outlook.

The main functions of the Student Club of KSMA are:

- Ensuring of amateur art groups;

- Conducting of contests, festivals, concerts;

- Organization of excursions to the theater, concerts, exhibitions and museums;

- Organization and conducting of amateur concerts;

- Organization the participation of cadets, students of KSMA and its divisions in the local, regional, Ukrainian and international competitions and festivals.


Schedule of Amateur art groups of the student club

Kherson State Maritime Academy:


Name of art group







3 p.m-5 p.m





3 p.m-5 p.m


Brass Orchestra



2.30 p.m-5 p.m





3 p.m-5 p.m





3 p.m-5 p.m



During the 2016-2017study year, the student club of KSMA have worked in the following areas:

I. Competitive work:

1.     Participation in all-Ukrainian competitions and conferences:

  • Nationwide student anti-corruption forum (Kirovograd),
  • Participated in the X General Assembly of USO "Ukrainian Association of student self-government" (Kiev),



  • Participation in Ukrainian competition of photo and video works "Ukraine and NATO: a modern view of the Ukrainian youth",
  • Participation in the Ukrainian Festival "Young Ukraine" 2016 (received the title Winners),
  • Participation in the national literary competition: "We are for sober life",
  • Participation in the VII all-Ukrainian student art festival "Young Ukraine" (1 Grand Prix, 3 winners, 1 winner) 2017,



  • Participation in the VII all-Ukrainian contest "the Moral thing" - (1st place),



  In 2017 for the first time took part in the II International Ukrainian-Lithuanian competition of drawings "Donate blood for life".

1.     Participation in the regional competitions:

  • Victory at the regional stage of all-Ukrainian contest "The Best student of Ukraine".


2.     Participation in city competitions:

  • Participation in the contest devoted to St. Valentine's Day,
  • Participation in the qualifying round of the annual city contest "Battle of talents" 2016 year,




  • Participation in the student forum "Creative", Kherson,
  • Participation in the youth rating of "Triumph of the year" at the initiative of the youth organization "Spectrum. UA",
  • Participation in IV city competition of "Battle of talents", 2017 (received the title of Diploma holders).



II. Activities national-Patriotic education of the cadets:

  • Ukrainian competition of the national-Patriotic song "Oberig",
  • The festive event "Ukrainian vechornytsi", dedicated to mother language Day, together with the interns of Kherson collage of culture,



  • Participation in the exhibition "Heroes don't die" dedicated to the Heroes who died on Maidan and perished in the East of Ukraine,
  • Opening of the memorial plaque to perpetuate the memory of the sailors of the Dunayskaia flotilla,
  • Opening of memorial plaques to perpetuate the memory of those killed in the East of Ukraine.



III. Cultural events the student club of KSMA:

  • Concert "Good girls is a cherished friends" dedicated to the International Women's Day,
  • organization and carrying out the concert program for the Day Humor,
  • Festive concert dedicated to Mother's Day,
  • Festive concert on the occasion of Student Day,



  • The festival "the sea Relay race of generations" on the occasion of initiation into the cadets replenish 2016,
  • A solemn reception on the occasion of the 5th anniversary since the founding of the KSMA and to the 10th anniversary of cooperation of the Academy with the company "Marlow Navigation"


Best student of Ukraine 2016

        17 Dec 2016 cadet 121 gr. faculty of navigation Rodion Dedkov took part in all-Ukrainian competition "the Best student of Ukraine in 2016," which took place in Sumy. Along with his support team from among the students of the Academy Rodion passed three stages.

       At first he introduced himself and KSMA, showing creative video about one day of their student life. In the second stage, the judge demonstrated his dancing talents. Helped him friends Dmitry Gerasimov (111 g.), Oleg Pogorelov (311 gr.), Igor Dyachenko (112 gr.), Eboag Gordon Kwesi (117-IO), Kodua Prince (117-IO), together they showed great choreographic staging.

      The third stage was to reveal the social activity of the participants. Rodion in the form of social advertising presented the project "School of understanding", based at the Academy, aims at conflict resolution through mediation, reducing disputes among cadets, as well as during the work on the ship.

        The results of the competition program of the student of Kherson state Maritime Academy Rodion Dedkov became the best student of UKRAINE in 2016!