Information about Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies

Information about Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies

Information about Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies

    Kherson State Maritime Academy trains academic and teaching personnel of top qualification pursuant to the National Strategy for the Development of Education in Ukraine until 2021, approved by the Decree of the President of Ukraine on June 25, 2013, aimed at improving the quality and competitiveness of education under the new economic and social and cultural conditions, and ensures the fulfillment of the key challenges education faces in the 21st century: development of higher education standards oriented towards competency-based approach.

    Based on the decisions of the Licensing Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 08.06.2016, approved by order No. 655 dated 10.06.2016, No. 1508л dated 09.12.2016 and No. 910л dated 19.06.2019, Kherson State Maritime Academy expanded the proceedings at the third educational and scientific level in specialties 132 Materials Science, 151 Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies,   275 Transport Techn, 71 River and Sea Transport (Specialization 02 – Operation of Ship Technical Systems and Complexes).



   For the purpose of training Doctors of Science, the doctoral studies in specialty 132 Materials Science has been opened for the fourth educational and scientific level at KSMA (based on the decision of the Academic Board of KSMA (Minutes No. 15 dated 23.06.2016)).

   Kherson State Maritime Academy has developed and approved Perspective Plan for the Training of Scientific and Pedagogical Personnel, which was concluded in accordance with the tasks of long-term development of KSMA as a maritime scientific and educational center of the region, its transformation into the academy of the European level with high-quality conduct of scientific research, etc. Implementation of this plan will allow to increase the level of training of academic and teaching staff for Kherson State Maritime Academy.

   In the process of training postgraduate and doctoral students, departments of KSMA are involved, the scientific, pedagogical and intellectual potential of which are Doctors and PhD, professors and associate professors. The Academy has modern research, experimental and material facilities.

   At KSMA, the issues related to training of academic and teaching personnel of top qualification fall within the competence of Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies.

  Head of Department – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Nadiia Tymchenko.


Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies of KMSA

14 Ushakova Avenue (Room № 106), 73000, Kherson;

tel.: (095) 8254515