Electronic Engineering and Converter Equipment Laboratory

Electronic Engineering and Converter Equipment Laboratory

This laboratory is attached to electrical engineering department of Maritime College of KSMA. It is located in classroom "307", second building.

The laboratory is equipped with posters of six types:

  1. 4824 – 11 posters;
  2. К32 – 11 posters;
  3. EV8031/AVR – microcontroller programming – 10 posters;
  4. OpAmp – operating operational amplifier research – 5 posters;
  5. Trigger – Trigger research – 5 posters;
  6. Logic – binary-logic elements research – 5 posters.

Chief of laboratory is A.Sysuev.

According to curriculum laboratory, theoretical and practical lessons of electronics and power conversion technology are given in this lab. Posters allow to carry out of all kinds of works, both on analog electronics and on digital electronics.

EV8031/AVR posters are used in laboratory and practical works on «Computer-assisted».