High Voltage Equipment Laboratory

High Voltage Equipment Laboratory

The lab is located in classroom "012". It is used to train cadets to work with ship high voltage equipment (more than 1000 V).

MCset panelboards consist of several connected panel units. Panel units’ electric connection is carried out by one busbar. Constant electric coupling of all metal cases is provided by each panel unit ground busbar and main panelboard ground busbar linking-up. Secondary control wiring electric circuits are laid in panelboard over low voltage compartments.

Each panel unit contains all main electric circuits equipment and secondary control wiring electric circuits for protection function.

Each panel unit includes such components as:

  1. draw-out element;
  2. actually a cell;
  3. management, control and safety system.

Cell is put into the "armor type" box that fits MEK 60298 standard requirements. The details at a high voltage are placed in the separate compartments with ground baffle plates.

These compartments include.

  • busbar;
  • draw-out element (switch, contactor with fuse, disconnector or earthing disconnector);
  • high voltage cable assembly, ground disconnecting switch;
  • current transducers and voltage transformers.

Secondary control wiring electric circuits and monitoring block are placed in the fourth compartment separately from a high voltage devices.

Management, control and safety system consists of:

  1. protection, monitoring and management unit;
  2. current transducers of three types:
    • magnetic phase current transformers and zero sequence current transformers;
    • residual current transformer;
    • non-magnetic transformer with Rogowski coil (CSP type)
  3. voltage transformers;
  4. zero sequence current sensor (CSH type).

Draw-out element consists of:

  • switch or electric contactor, disconnecting switch or ground disconnecting switch;
  • traverse mechanism;
  • draw-out element fixing block system.