Simulators and Training Facilities

Laboratory “Navigation Information Systems”

  Function of the laboratory “Navigation Information Systems” is theoretical and practical training of cadets and students in acquiring minimal standards of competencies in ship handling and navigation onboard ship in compliance with the requirements of Regulations VІ/1 and VІ/4 of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping 1978 (as amended) and Sections А-VІ/1 and А-VІ/1-4, Tables А-VІ/1-3, А-VІ/4-1 and А-VІ/4-2 of the International STCW Code, Model courses of the International Maritime Organization 1.27 “Radar Observation and Plotting and Operational Use of Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA)”, 7.03 «Officer in Charge of a Navigation Watch». The laboratory includes the academic discipline “Navigation Information Systems”. It satisfies the DNV requirements.

  The laboratory uses the software of the NTPro 5000 simulator by TRANSAS company to train how to work with ECDIS; it is supplied with up-to-date computers, monitors, a projector and multimedia equipment for acquiring basic training as well as consolidation of knowledge and skills necessary for work.

  The program that services 8 virtual bridges for 16 workplaces allows for functioning of all the bridges both in the same sailing area and in separate ones. It is possible to change weather conditions, create specific circumstances and damages while passing the plotted route.

  Every bridge is equipped with three up-to-date monitors, two base units, keyboard and earphones for familiarization with the structural scheme of modern automated ship control system based on ECDIS; three modes for computing location of a vessel (main, emergency and parallel) in modern ECDIS; acquirement of terms “vector” and “raster” electronic charts (EC), ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System), SENC (System Electronic Navigational Chart) and ENC (Electronic Navigational Chart); chart correction; study of peculiarities of introducing waypoints into ECDIS and changing their location; route planning with use of ECDIS and registration of data on a voyage in the official database of the electronic ship’s journal; detection and setting of alarm signals related to malfunctions of ECDIS and their detection.

  The laboratory is located: room 205, AB no. 1, KSMA

  Put into service: 2013