Simulators and Training Facilities

Educational laboratory «Group Life-Saving Appliances Onboard Vessel»

  The laboratory is located at KSMA Water Station. Laboratory includes the simulator: free fall life boat simulator with the davit for launching the boat.

  The main tasks of the educational laboratory are training the practical use of individual and group life-saving appliances; training to launch the life boat and life raft into the water and lifting it onboard of the vessel; training the order of abandoning the vessel in case of an emergency situation; training to rescue and remain in life boat; training to rescue and remain in life raft and its returning to the working condition in case of capsizing; working out jumping into the water wearing life-saving appliances; training in surviving while remaining in water; training in rescuing people remaining in water; working out other practical tasks with the use of individual and group life-saving appliances; evaluating the level of trainees’ knowledge and skills related to actions on rescuing in the water after conducting theoretical and practical training.

  The training is being performed according to standards, that are listed in Section АVI/2 (paragraph 14) of the STCW Code regarding the functions related to the minimum requirements on training professionals in life boats and rafts, rescue boats, that are not fast rescue boats; ІМО Model course 1.23, national requirements on rescuing in water and use of life-saving appliances.

  The manufacturer of Free Fall Life Boat Simulator is HATECKE (Germany).

  Quantity of participants during practical studies – 16.