Simulators and Training Facilities

Laboratory «Global Maritime Distress аnd Safety System»

  The training laboratory «Global Maritime Distress and Safety System» of Department Innovative Technologies and Technical Devices at Kherson State Maritime Academy is a subdivision of the department, which ensures the implementation of laboratory and practical classes in educational discipline «Global Maritime Distress аnd Safety System» according to the requirements of educational and professional programs and «Regulation on Organization of Educational Process at KSMA».

The laboratory consists of two functional facilities:

  • a study classroom with the laboratory server, an instructor’s place, 7 GMDSS simulators and a hardware imitator – GMDSS bar, which is a full-mission copy of the GMDSS console of a real modern vessel;
  • a study classroom with an instructor’s place and 8 GMDSS simulators.

Every classroom can be used for work in autonomous mode (8 working places in each of them + 1 instructor’s place) and for group work.

Every virtual bridge is equipped with a sensor monitor, headphones and a set of keyboard and mouse.

Equipment includes the VHF station simulator with digital selective call FURUNO FM - 8800S, the MF/HF unit control simulator, SART simulator, AIS simulator class А and GPS, INMARSAT C simulator, INMARSAT FLEET 77 and INMARSAT FBB simulators.

The software of the bridges allows to fully model the work of vessel’s equipment: train the skills of work with GMDSS neccesary in marine regions A1, A2, A3 and A4, carry the main responsibility for radio communication in case of emergency, urgent and standard situations; learn the methods that allow to avoid unintended false distress signals and procedures that are used in order to decrease the impact of false dustress signals after unintended signal transmission; work out the exercises on search and rescue.

  The laboratory is equipped with modern multimedia resources – screens, a projector and speakers./p>

Information on the training equipment:

  • training equipment of the laboratory is supplied by Transas Ukraine Company. The simulator is certified by Shipping Register of Ukraine and complies with all international requirements.
  • training equipment was put into operation on May 12, 2017.
  • simulator «Global Maritime Distress and Safety System» is a class А simulator and complies with all the ІМО and DNV-GL requirements, allows to train following qualifications: general operator of GMDSS (according to Model course ІМО 1.25), restricted area operator (according to Model course ІМО 1.26).

The functions of the training laboratory «Global Maritime Distress and Safety System» are:

  • conducting laboratory and practical classes according to the current curricula that are assigned to the department;
  • improving the quality of educational process and active participation of the training laboratory staff in extracurricular work with cadets and students.