Simulators and Training Facilities

Training Laboratory «Heavy Cargo Loading»

  Laboratory includes «Loading Operations» simulator, which provides complex work for all participants of loading operations with imitation of visual and sound accompaniment and a training ground with three 20-foot shipping containers, as well as rigging equipment for lashing, which is used onboard modern maritime vessels.

  «Loading Operations» simulator (supplier ARI, India) allows to conduct practical and theoretical training of cadets/students and seafarers with further formation of following competencies:

  • planning and providing safe loading, placing, lashing, supervision during a voyage and unloading of heavy oversized cargos (Section А-II/2, Table А-II/2 of the STCW Code with amendments);
  • ship’s pedestal crane operating when performing loading operations with various types of cargo (Chapter А-II/5, Table А-II/2 of the STCW Code with amendments).

  Program serviced by 19 computers provides the possibility for two types of loads. The first type is single cargo, such as containers, rolled metal products, etc. This operation is conducted by one crane operator under control of the course supervisor. As a result, the participants work out the skills of crane manipulator control, voice commands and commands, given by hands from the shore. The second type of the training is more complicated. Loading of oversized cargos by one and two cranes is being worked out there. The point of the loading process is in coherence activity of all the participants: a head of loading operations, a ballast operations operator, two ships crane workers and a course supervisor. The goal of the course is in step-by-step loading operations training: grabbing the cargo, lifting, lurch control, ballasting of a ship, pressure and placement of cargo onboard, control of ships stability and structural strength after loading operations are completed. Course visualization is being provided on two 57-inch monitors. It allows a head of loading operations to have the full control of loading process from any point, both from the shore and a vessel, and a vessel ballast operator to monitor the lurch. Ships crane operators training is being provided in the cabins, which fully reflect real work conditions. Image visualization is realized on seven 46-inch monitors in every cabin that ensures the view on the loading object from the cabin.

  The training ground with three 20-foot ship containers allows the cadets to gain practical skills in container lashing and unlashing on the open deck of the vessel, usage of special rigging equipment, maintenance of refrigerator containers.

  The training laboratory «Heavy Cargo Loading Operations» at Ship Handling Department of Kherson State Maritime Academy is the subdivision of the department, which provides conduction of laboratory and practical classes for the following training courses: «Ships Crane Control», «Familiarization with Container Lashing», «Training on Heavy Cargo Maintenance» according to the requirements of educational and professional programs and «Regulation on Organization of Educational Process at KSMA».

  Workplaces – 8 at classroom №116, 16 participants can exercise at the ground at the same time.

  Put into operation on October 15, 2011 .