Simulators and Training Facilities

Training Laboratory «Medical Care Onboard Ship»

  The training laboratory is located in the class room of total area 47 sq.m and equipped with all required furniture, an office computer, multimedia system, wall stands and posters, specialized medical simulators, outfit and tools.

  Its main purpose is conducting laboratory and practical classes with cadets in order to train them in the issues of acquiring minimal standards of competencies in medical elementary and first aid on board ship in compliance with the requirements of Regulations VI/І and VI/4 of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping 1978 (as amended), Sections А-VI/1 and А-VI/4, tables А-VI/1-3, А-VI/4-1 of the STCW Code, Model courses ІМО 1.13 “Elementary First Aid”, 1.14 “Medical First Aid”, International Medical Guide for Ships.

Main simulators and their purpose


Field of training, competency


 Reanimation dummy with the simulator head “Larry”, with a controller

 Training of skills in:

  • practical intubation, ventilation, aspiration and the technology of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, introduction of the endotracheal tube and esophageal obturator of the respiratory tract;;
  • mandibular advancement technique;
  • precise anatomy for proper position of hands;
  • procedures related to pulmonary obstruction;
  • xiphoid process, navel, nipples and rib chest as identification points of the body.

Basic dummy of human body

Training of skills in:

  • washing patient’s face and body;
  • care and washing of oral cavity;
  • care and trachea clarification;
  • oxygen inhalation;
  • nasal feeding;
  • gastric lavage;
  • intracardiac injection;
  • external cardiac massage;
  • puncture of chest, liver, stomach;
  • spinal puncture;
  • deltoid intramuscular injection;
  • hypodermic injection into the site of deltoid muscle;
  • intravenous injection;
  • vein puncture;
  • transfusion;
  • venous blood transfusion;
  • female catheterization;
  • gluteal intramuscular injection.

Training stitching set


Training of skills in:

  • stitching at all levels;
  • determining depth of stitching and technique to be used;
  • practice and demonstration of knot tying;
  • wire braces stitching and braces placement;
  • surgical adhesive use, deep and subcutaneous covers stitching.

Intramuscular and subcutaneous injection simulator

Training for practice techniques of:

  • intracutaneous;
  • subcutaneous;
  • intramuscular injections and tissues treating

Intravenous injection simulator

Training for practice techniques of:

  • intravenous injections.

Bladder catheterization simulator

Training for practice techniques of:

  • bladder catheterization.

Casualty simulation kit

Training of skills in:

  • identifying wounds types, their classification;
  • bleeding control;
  • bandaging and splinting;
  • glass embedded wound operation technique.


  Simulator equipment contents:

  • Equipment manufacturer – China, Ukraine;
  • Country of equipment origin – China, Ukraine, Oniko company;
  • Year of commissioning – 2015 - 2018 year;
  • Compliance with the requirements of the international classification societies – complies;
  • Number of workplaces – 18;
  • Compliance with IMO Model courses 1.13 «Elementary First Aid», 1.14 «Medical First Aid», 1.15 «Medical Care» – complies;
  • Compliance with Sections А-VI/1 and А-VI/4, tables А-VI/1-3, А-VI/4-1 STCW Code – complies.

 Academic disciplines taught in the laboratory:

  • Survey course of integrated simulator training for marine practice and state attestation;
  • Basic Safety and Labour Protection.

  The main function of the training laboratory: ensuring the correct and complete use of the educational and training facilities of the laboratory during the training sessions.