Simulators and Training Facilities

Training Laboratory “Training Complex – Mooring Station”

  The laboratory consists of a rigging workshop, a classroom, a pump unit, a workshop for repair and maintenance of hydraulic equipment and an equipped mooring deck.

  There are 10 workbenches with vice, a computer and a projector in the rigging shop. It has 16 workplaces.

  The classroom is equipped with a computer, a screen and a projector. It has 16 workplaces.

  The pump unit has 2 hydraulic pumps by MacGregor Hatlapa & Co. KG, Germany and 1 pump for hydraulic oil cooling of the same manufacturer.

  The workshop for repair and maintenance of hydraulic equipment contains:

  • Workbenches with vice and instrument boxes – 4 pcs.;
  • Drilling machine – 1 pc.;
  • Abrasive machine - 1 pc.;
  • Turning machine - 1 pc.;
  • Instrumental boxes – 2 pcs., with bench tool sets;
  • Air compressor – 1 pc.

  The mooring deck is equipped with a mooring anchor hoist manufactured by MacGregor Hatlapa, Germany, two drums for mooring ropes, bollards, hawse holes and rollers manufactured at Kherson Shipyard.

  The functions of the laboratory are: giving theoretical and practical experience in performing works with rigging elements, rope splicing, knowledge of nautical knots and ship devices, actions related to mooring operations (in compliance with the STCW competences).

  Put into operation in October, 2017.

  The laboratory is intended for theoretical training of cadets and students in issues of acquiring minimal standards of competencies in mooring and unmooring in different winds, tide flows and currents with and without tugs; theoretical study of mooring devices which are the complex of manufactured articles and mechanisms intended for fastening of a vessel to onshore and floating berthing objects and other vessels and secure fixation of a vessel to them; working out practical skills in performing preparation processes, conducting mooring operations, holding a vessel at berthing objects and maintenance of mooring objects in compliance with Chapter А- II “Standards Regarding the Master and Deck Department” of the STCW Code, Model course 7.03.

  The main objective of the course is to form knowledge, understanding and acquiring of professional skills by cadets related to taking decision as to mooring which should be based on proper evaluation of maneuvering characteristics of a ship and its power plant as well as forces which are expected to take actions during berthing, ensure fulfilment of safety-first requirements when performing operations.