Simulators and Training Facilities

Training laboratory «Electronic Navigation Means»

   Training laboratory «Electronic Navigation Means. Use of RADAR and ARPA» of Navigation Department at Kherson State Maritime Academy is a subdivision of Department, which ensures conducting laboratory and practical classes for the courses «Navigation», «RADAR and ARPA», «Navigational Watch» and other respective educational disciplines according to the demands of educational programs and «Regulation on Organization of Educational Process at KSMA».

    The laboratory has 7 small virtual bridges and one central virtual bridge, where 17 cadets can train at the same time.

    Every small virtual bridge is equipped with two system units, four monitors, headphones and two anti-vandal keyboards with trackballs. Central bridge is equipped with three system units, three monitors, one of them with a touch screen, two anti-vandal keyboards and ship’s internal communication phone. The software of small and central bridges is unified, allows to simulate the work of vessel’s equipment, practice the skills of navigation and work with electronic navigation systems.

    Laboratory is a part of computing network NTPRO.LAN, which allows training equipment to cooperate with training equipment of other laboratories at the training complex.

    Laboratory is equiped with multimedia resources - projector, screen and speakers.

    Information on the training equipment:

  •  training equipment for the laboratory was supplied by Transas Ukraine company.
  •  training equipment was put into operation in 2013.
  •  the following documents were issued for the training equipment:
  1. certificate of conformity №СВД-32-3-301-09 of Shipping Register of Ukraine;
  2. Software License № CTBS0478TN Transas Marine International;
  3. Det Norske Veritas. Statement of Compliance, Statement number 002/121218;
  4. quantity of working places: 17;
  5. compliance with the IMO Model courses:

    Model Course 1.07 «Radar Observation and Plotting and Operational Use of Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA);

    Model Course 1.08 Radar, Arpa, Bridge Teamwork and Search and Rescue;

    Model Course 1.22 Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork;

    1.32 Operational Use of Integrated Bridge Systems Including Integrated Navigation Systems;

    Model Course 7.01 “Master and Chief Master”;

    Model Course 7.03 «Officer in Charge of a Navigation Wath».

  •   compliance with the demands of Section B-I/12 of the STCW 1978 with Manila amendments.

      The functions of the training laboratory «Electronic Navigation Means. Use of RADAR and ARPA» are:

  • conducting of laboratory and practical classes on educational disciplines assigned to the department according to the curricula (the list of disciplines is defined in the passport of the laboratory).
  • improving the quality of educational process and active participation of staff in extracurricular work with cadets and students.

    Subjects taught at the laboratory: Ship Handling, Theory and Practice in Ship Handling, Theory and Practice in Ship Handling Operation, COLREG International Rules and Use of RADAR and ARPA, Use of Radiolocation Stations and Means of Automated Radiolocation Plotting in Collision Avoidance at Sea.