Editor-printing department

Editor-printing department

Editor-printing department is created in 2008 for ensuring teaching and educational process of the Kherson State Maritime Academy with scientific, educational and methodical literature, posters, magazines, bulletins and other printed output.

The editor-printing department issues the Kherson state maritime academy’s scientific newspaper and its bulletin. These are informative printing publications depicting the lifetime of educational establishment and its structural divisions. An issue?|edition of the Kherson state maritime academy’s scientific newspaper appears every two months, its frequency depends on the events occurred at the academy and their required highlighting.

The printing house makes advertising booklets and brochures about academy. Their destination is to give the chance to acquaint many future cadets with our educational establishment.

Work organization

Publishing activity of the Kherson State Maritime Academy represents planning, preparation, release of educational, methodical, scientific and other editions. Process of publishing activity covers the following kinds of activity:

  • editing, editions updating;
  • performance of imposition, design of editions;
  • informing by means of recurrent publications;
  • before printing and printing preparation of editions.

Main functions of publishing activity of the Kherson State Maritime Academy are:

  • planning edition of printed materials;
  • edition of educational, methodical, scientific literature;
  • editing, reading of imposition of educational, scientific and other editions;
  • edition of the Kherson state maritime academy’s scientific newspaper and its bulletin;
  • methodical and consultative work with departments and subdivisions of KSMA;
  • provision of the work using reports for the printing;
  • planning of publishing process in accordance with job instructions of employees.

The results of the process are printed printing product which is provided to the parties concerned, and the annual report on the results of the editorial and publishing activities.

Process providers are employees of KSMA subdivisions.

Process consumers are pupils, students, cadets, faculty members of KSMA.

Participants of the process are the selection committee, teaching department, monitoring department, quality assurance department, the department of educational work, faculties dean's offices, departments, trade union committee and others.