Ben Andriy

Ben Andriy

Vice-Rector for Research


Ben Andriy Pavlovych (was born November 13, 1973 , Kherson) - Ph.D. , professor.

Education: Kherson Industrial Institute (KII), Cybernetic Department, specialist of computer sciences diploma in 1996; PHD in 2001; associate professor in 2004. Kherson state maritime academy, specialist of navigation diploma 2011. 

Professional experience:

September 1997 – June 2001 – an Assistant of Cybernetic Department of Kherson State Technical University ;

September 2001 – September 2004 – an Assistant Professor of Cybernetic Department of Kherson State Technical University ;

September 2004 - September 2007 – an Vice-Rector of Scientific and Pedagogical work Kherson Maritime Institute;

September 2007 – September 2011 – an Vice-Rector of Research Kherson State Maritime Institute;

From September 2011 – to a present time an Vice-Rector of Research Kherson State Maritime Academy (KSMA).

Basic educational courses: «Decision support system», «Navigation», «Electronic devices in navigation», «Information system in navigation», «Electronic cartographic system», «Artificial intelligence», «Databases», etc.

The organizer of scientific activity KSMA. Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committees of more than 20 scientific conferences held by the KSMA.

Scientific supervisor of talented students which regularly publish scientific articles and participate in scientific conferences. Usually some of mentioned students get prize places, awards and diplomasas a result of scientific competitions.

Co-author of Ukrainian temporal educational standard from specialty «Navigation» .

Member of the specialized academic council K 67.111.01 on specialty 05.02.01 «Materials Science».

Deputy Head of the Editorial Board of the Kherson State Maritime Academy Scientific Journal .

Has 82 publications, 71 from them have scientific direction and 11 – educational (including 2 educational tutorials approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 3 educational tutorials approved by KSMA), 5 patents.

Honor certificate of Ministry of Education and Science for many years of diligent work, personal contribution to the training of highly skilled specialists. Honor certificate of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. Honorary badge "Excellence in Education"of Ministry of Education and Science. Honor certificates of Kherson State Technical University and Kherson State Maritime Institute.



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