Academic Council

Academic Council

In order to organize and control the implementation of the Academy teaching educational and research activities, the Academic Council of Kherson State Maritime Academy (KSMA) was established under the Rector’s chairmanship. The Academic Council acts in accordance with its functioning regulation and is approved by the Rector.

The Academic Council includes: Rector (Chairman), Pro-rectors, Deans, Head of Maritime College, Director of Professional Maritime Lyceum, Chief Accountant, Chairman of the trade committee, the representatives of the students’ civil government, Scientific Secretary, as well as selected representatives of faculties and other departments, who are selected among the educational, research, scientific and other employees of the Academy.

The members of KSMA Academic Council are approved by the Rector.

KSMA Academic Council:

• works out the Academy Statute project, its changes and additions, and presents them to the works conference;

• introduce to the works conference the candidacy to position of the rector;

• takes part in the organization of the educational process;

• determines the volume of study load;

• approves the main directions of scientific research, evaluates the scientific and educational activities of faculties, college and lyceum;

• submits proposals to the Rector regarding appointment and dismissal of pro-rectors, deans, library director and chief accountant;

• makes recommendations to the Rector regarding the liquidation, reorganization of laboratories, departments, faculties and other departments;

• selects by secret voting the heads of departments, professors;

• assigns the Academy honorary titles;

• considers issues regarding the recommendations of students’, graduate students’, doctoral students’, educational and research workers’ projects for receiving different awards, participation in competitions etc.;

• establishes a commission to study and prepare the issues for the Academic Council;

• takes decisions concerning the candidates for awarding academic ranks of docent and professor;

• considers the issues of the Academy economic and social development;

• works out the Academy symbolic;

• considers other issues of the Academy activities in accordance with the law.

The Agenda of the Academic Council meeting is formed by the rectorate with faculties’, departments’ suggestions, and offers of most Academic Council members.

Decisions of KSMA Academic Council are put into effect by the rector’s orders.

Work Planning of KSMA Academic Council:

KSMA Academic Council scope of activities is determined in its plan, which is formed at the beginning of each academic year and is approved at Academic Council meeting. All Academy divisions make suggestions concerning the Academic Council work organization about preparation, conducting and summarizing the examination results (winter and summer), conducting and/or completion of cadets’ industrial practice; recommendation for publication of educational and methodical materials in accordance with publication plan, holding the competition for the vacant positions of teaching staff etc.